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Youth Coalition Snapshot

Thursday, April 27, 2017 - 16:00
  • Coordinated National Youth Week Festival
  • Coordinated Youth Homelessness Matters Day
  • Met with AIME to discuss their work in ACT & possible involvement in National Youth Week
  • Met with ACTCOSS to discuss ACT Budget Priorities
  • Attended ACT Shelter Board Meeting
  • Attended Justice Reinvestment Advisory Group meeting
  • Attended ACTCOSS Forum on Productivity Commission Human Services Inquiry 
  • Met with Louise from Clubs ACT re Gambling Project
  • Attended CYFSP Agency Directors Meeting
  • Attended Headspace Consortium Meeting
  • Attended Gugan Gulwan’s NYW event
  • Attended ACT Preventative Health Forum 
  • Attended APS Youth Mental Health PD session and provided info on Youth Coalition's work in the area of Mental Health
  • Hosted Youth Housing Homelessness Forum
  • Youth Worker Practice Network Member Session on Core Values of Youth Work
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