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Co-Design, What Are We Talking About?

Co-Design - More Than Post-Its And Good Will

Mel Edwards, Design Managers Australia

Co-Design has become a buzzword in policy development and service delivery in the community sector in recent years. But what is Co-Design and how can it be used to achieve real results? DMA explores the concept of Co-Design from their perspective as public and community sector service designers, including:

  • Defining co-design and demystifying the process
  • Outlining a service design approach including the key tools and outcomes
  • Talking through some of their case studies where co-design approaches have worked

Presentation: Co-Design - More Than Post Its And Goodwill.pdf

Blog: Two Events, One Big Story (and a Surprising Sub-Plot)

Website: designmanagers.com.au

Co-Design, What Are We Talking About?

Nicole Moore, ACT Community Services Directorate

Co-design provides an opportunity to look beyond status quo concepts to imagine a preferred future regardless of the complexity of the problem to be addressed. This presentation looks at a real life experience of co-design in the ACT to demonstrate the process in action, identifying options for moving through a co-design process, to co-production, and finally to embedding scalable change.

Presentation: Co-Design, What Are We Talking About?.pdf

Website: www.communityservices.act.gov.au