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Online Engagement & Social Media

Online Engagement & Social Media, Strategies & Campaigns

Hugh Stephens, Dialogue Consulting

This workshop covers the basics regarding the development of online and social media engagement strategies and campaigns for youth services.

Website: www.dialogueconsulting.com.au

Online Interventions & Support for Young People's Mental Health

Professor Debra Rickwood, headspace and University of Canberra

Online environments and new technologies are embedded within young people's lives, and these enable innovative and more effective ways to support their mental health and wellbeing. This presentation shows some of the ways that such technologies can be used in each of the main areas of life that affect wellbeing. There is a rapidly growing e-spectrum of new ways to promote mental health for all young people as well as help those at risk of, or experiencing, mental health problems.

Presentation: Online Interventions & Support for Young People's Mental Health.pdf


Unintended Consequences of Cyberbullying

Dr Sora Park, University of Canberra

This session examines how young people’s level and types of online activities are related to the exposure to cyberbullying and what factors may alleviate such behaviour. 

Presentation: Unintended Consequences of Cyberbullying.pdf