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National Youth Week 2017 Group Attendance Registration

Thanks for bringing young people along to the festival!
Filling in this brief form will help us plan the day, and ensure there are enough activities and food to make sure everyone attending has a great time!
Please note:
All young people are invited to attend the festival and individuals are not required to register to attend. This form is for school, community groups, and organisations who are coordinating a group of young people to participate.
Please provide an estimate if you don't have confirmed numbers just yet.
Please detail how you intend on transporting the group to the festival.
Need more information?
If you need more information, or have trouble completing this form, please contact the Youth Coalition of the ACT on 02 6247 3540 or email the National Youth Week Coordinators on stephanie@youthcoalition.net or taylor@youthcoalition.net