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Youth Coalition of the ACT 2014-15 Annual Report: Partnerships

Once again, the Youth Coalition has valued the closer partnership work we undertook with a range of agencies in 2014-15. This included:

Families ACT

As the peaks funded under the CYFSP, Families ACT and the Youth Coalition work closely together and have continued to strengthen partnership and co-location this year.

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Association of the ACT (ATODA) & ACT Mental Health Community Coalition (MHCC)

The strong collaboration between ATODAMHCC and the Youth Coalition produces the Comorbidity Bus Tours, the Training and Professional Development Calendar, and a range of other opportunities to collaborate in policy development and analysis.

ACT Council of Social Services (ACTCOSS)

Our ongoing work with ACTCOSS has seen collaboration to produce policy submissions, provide joint representation to Government, and continue work on a joint paper on education.

Multicultural Youth Services

The partnership between the Youth Coalition and Multicultural Youth Services continues to enable us to undertake sector development work under the Multicultural Youth Affairs Network.

Community Services Directorate

Besides being a partner as a funding body, we also worked closely with the Community Services Directorate to deliver a range of projects, including National Youth Week.

Housing Policy Consortium

The Youth Coalition is part of a housing policy consortium, with ACT Shelter, ACTCOSS, and the Women's Centre for Health Matters.


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