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Youth Coalition of the ACT 2014-15 Annual Report: President's Report

I would like to begin this note for the annual report by acknowledging the incredible work of the Youth Coalition staffing team. While seemingly small in size, the work that these exceptional advocates have completed this year has had a marked impact on both the sector and the service system.

The strength of this service system and sector advocacy work can be seen in their submission to the Senate Inquiry into Affordable Housing and their contribution to the consortium report discussing collaboration between the specialist and mainstream services in the Homelessness Sector (in partnership with ACT Shelter, ACTCOSS, and the Women’s Centre for Health Matters).

The Youth Coalition also continued to provide opportunities and events to shine a positive light on the achievements and social capital of the young people in our community this year. Of particular note was the fantastic joint event earlier this year combining the annual Young Canberra Citizen of the Year Awards and the youth sector YOGIE awards. The event was a fantastic success and linked the incredible work of both young people in the regional and those working with young people in sector.

I am personally really proud of the work of the YCACT Board this year. The main focus of the YCACT Board work to date and which will transition across into the next Board term has been on improving and strengthening governance processes and looking at strategies to ‘future proof’ the organisation.  This has included:

  • Clearly defining the role of the board in relation to organisational risk, compliance and organisational sustainability
  • Working with consultants Deloitte to consider alternative sources of income and revenue
  • Identification and development of processes and associated policies and monitoring of compliance
  • Robust and critical discussions that progress the strategic direction of the Youth Coalition
  • Streamlining and improving the financial reporting process
  • Improving accountability and transparency across the organisation

Finally, I would like to thank my fellow board members who have spent an extraordinary amount of their own personal time working on these strategies and initiatives and I am now confident that the Board for the 2015-16 term will have the foundations necessary to continue robust and critical discussions that progress the strategic direction of the Youth Coalition.


Kate Cvetanovski
President, Youth Coalition of the ACT



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