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Youth Coalition of the ACT 2014-15 Annual Report: Social Media

In 2014-15 the Youth Coalition continued to build our social media presence. We added a YouTube channel to our social media platforms this year, which allows us to further amplify the voices of our members and young people.

The Youth Coalition Facebook page increased followers by 32% to a total of 729. 65% of our Facebook fans are women, and 32% of our fans are men. Most of our Facebook fans are between the ages of 18 and 34.

The Youth Coalition's Twitter following increased by 56% taking our following from 1252 to 1955.

We used the Youth Coalition's YouTube channel to share interviews with youth workers, and snapshots of young people speaking at Youth Coalition events.

We continued to use the Youth Coaltion Instagram account as a way to document the day to day experience of being at the Youth Coalition.

The Youth Coalition's LinkedIn page was used to highlight the training and professional development opportunities offered by the Youth Coalition.

The National Youth Week ACT Facebook page was used successfully to promote local events and activities.


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